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March 16, 2012


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oh man, I missed the deadline! So bummed. Wish I saw this sooner! Doc McStuffins is the only show my 3 year old niece wants to watch. She learned the "time for your check up" song within the 3rd time she watched it. I was amazed she picked it up so quickly. This show is so adorable. I can not wait for the new line of toys to be released, I will be at Toys R Us the day they come out to purchase them for her.


When my daughter wakes up its, "Doc Mcstuffin" and before she brushes her teeth its, "Doc Mcstuffin." This show is amazing. Love it. Where can I purchase the toys, HELPPPPPP!

Joleen Gardner

Looks like your giveaway has already ended, but I did want to say that my 3 year old is obsessed with "Doc Mcstuffin." We don't have cable, but got to see it his Uncle's for the week of spring break. They better put out a dvd soon!

Tracie Schnell

My child loves this show. Her sister was born with a heart defect. It has helped her understand things that her sister goes through at her dr. appointments. My daughter wants to be doc. mcmuffin

Svetlana Concannon

I am so excited to see the Doc McStuffins doctor kit, ever since seeing the show my 2 year old has been giving us check-ups and I wanted to get her a doctor kit,I will wait until this adorable one comes out so she can have the same one was Doc:)

Stacey VandenBosch

We love this show, my daughter especially. She even asks to watch stuffins more than Dora now. Of course she still loves her as well! We have DVR'd all the episodes! I love how they can relate to actual trips to the doctor!!!!


Doc McStuffins is our new favorite show! Wish the toys were ready now! I want the whole set for my daughter! I love that She is a doctor! Way to show smart little girls Disney!

Janel keough

Best kid show ever, shows kindness and great imagination...
Janel keough


My 4 yr. old LOVES DOC!!! She's been mending/practicing on her toys and even our puppy. The puppy has had a cast, isn't afraid of the dark anymore, and has had his face washed several times throughout the day. I like what my daughter is learning from this program. Last weekend at the park, she said "On warm days, we need to hydrate."

Cherlyn Bell

Our three granddaughters, 3, 4 and 6 LOVE Doc McStuffins! It is refreshing to see a professional African American role model on television for them. We teach them they can be anything they want to be ...Doc McStuffins reenforces that! We know what will be under the tree this year!

laura holloway

I have a 6 yr old daughter and 4 yr old son. They both love this show! It is a great idea in helping children overcome their fear of doctor visits. We are so excited about the line of toys coming in june!


Add it to the DVR line-up! Doc mcstuffins is a hit with my son and daughter! Great job Disney!!

Beth Minutillo

I love this show. I have 4 little girls and we dvr each show and watch them ALL day can't wait for the toys to come out

Jeannie W.

HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!, It does NOT get any better than this, Doc Mcstuffins is A WELL DONE HIT. The annimation, the concept, the characters.....so perfect, so brilliant....I am truly impressed...Where have you been DocMcstuffins? Ive been waiting for something like this many years. When my daughter was little, but now My grandaughter WILL have all videos and the toys when they come out , she even looks like DOC, "unbelievable" this is here to stay, I cant wait for the toys to come out, I think I might buy a doll or two for myself.. "for collector items of coarse" LOL!

Regenia howard

My granddaughter is 9 months she sits there & watch the Doc. She loves the music. This show is great! We love all the toys. We watch it everyday.

Lisa Eubanks

My daughter LOVES Doc McStuffins! I am going to try to do her birthday party in a Doc McStuffins theme! So excited to see these toys!

Judith A. Ruhulessin

My grand-daughter Alexis,is so obsessed,with doc mcstuffins,that she has plans to buy every last item,for sale,that we can find!!and.........Shes 8 yrs old,and her favorite character, is Suzy sunshine.Alexis claims to be, the # 1 fan on Earth!!; )


My twin grandchildren are obsessed with this program. They act out show every day!

reggie mojica

my 5 year old LOVES Doc McStuffins.....she even knows the whole theme song now. haha. I can't wait to pick her up some Doc McStuffin toys. Such a great show. now she plays a doctor w/ALL her toys.

gina watkins

My four year old daughter LOVES this show and has already memorized the "i feel better" song. I can't wait to find some of these new toys for her.

Samantha Allum

My 2 1/2 year old LOVES this show. Lately she has been putting bandaids on all her toys and saying they have booboos lol when will the doctor kit be out?


My twins anxiously await to watch Doc Mcstuffins every day! They want to have a Doc Mcstuffins themed Bday party in May!!!!! Any ideas of what I can do since none of the stuff from the show is available yet?!?
What a clever and much needed idea for a television show :)

Danielle Alia

My son loves to watch Doc McStuffins! Cannot wait for the toys to come out!


Doc mcstuffins is awesome! My 4 year old daughter and i play like we are her together. This show opened up new ways of imagining her toys creating more time she interacts with her toys. I am a youth ministers wife and have told all my mom friends this show is wholesome cute and entertaining!

naty murillo

MY children love this show...they would be so grateful for the toys


We love Doc McStuffins! I look forward to the new episodes myself :)

jill ward

My four year old daughter and i love doc mcstuffings. We cannot wait for the toys!!


My daughter LOVES this show! Her father and I both work in the medical field and this is such a hit at our house.


I tape the show for my daughter & she loves it. It's great for her to she someone like her on TV. We will continue to support Doc McStuffins. My little one is 2 and so sweet & smart.


My daughters love Doc Mcstuffinss! We have every episode recorded. As a parent, I think it is a great show and has helped ease my childrens fear of going to the doctor.

Dana Lewis

My Granddaughter loves your show, she is two years old. When I ask what do you want to see? she'll say "The Doc is in" She will watch it over and over. Her favorite one is where Lamie gets ripped by accident, and she says can we do it "NOW" She cracks up laughing. Thank you for such a great show.

Mom of Doc McStuffins Lover

My daughter would love to win!


This is wonderful! What a great idea.

Lupe Silveira

Bestest ever! "Doc Mcstuffins is our most favorite Doc" said my granddaughter of 3!! And my favorite show too! Love her!!


were can i find the big book of boo boos


I love love love this show. My 10 month old watches it. She can't take her eyes off of it and giggles the whole time. She really likes the songs in it. I can't wait for it to come out on dvd, and I will definitely be getting the toys for her!

Eric Romero

Is there any way to get any more of these items? My kid would love it.


my 4 yr old son and 8 yr old daughter have been BEGGING me for Lambie! I can't wait til I can get one for them!


This is great news! I cant wait to see the new toys they release!


My 4 1/2 yr old loves DOc Mcstuffin.She asks me for band aides every day to put in her purse.So I decided to look at site to see if toys r us were selling any toys,and I found this!She was looking at all the pics of the new toys coming out and is so excited! She is going to 5 in a few mos.So I know what to tell family and friends what she would like.Thank you so much for this wonderful show.Its really exciting to me and my daughter that she can relate to characters such as Doc Mc stuffin and Princess tiana,because we are African American.Especially in a positive way.She has even said that she is going to be a Doctor when she grows up!!!

Lisa Morin

Abbs (who's 3) skinned her knee and was singing as I put her bandaid on. It was the "I'm all better" song! Now she is even more caring toward her little brothers and tells me she wants to take care of them with her Dr. kit when they cry. Thanks Disney for a great show. We watch every day.

Elvira Lugo

We sing her songs all day long..."time for a check-up!"

Stacey Nichols

my daughter just found this show last week and us in love, trying to find things to use to make three dr tools and such. We need those toys and more.

Miss Lisa

Both of my kids LOVE Doc McStuffins -- can't wait till we can buy some of the toys, etc!!


when do the toys come out and where can we get them??!!!!

Lori Tipton

My granddaughter was just here for the weekend and just loves this show and can sing all of the sings and even my 4 months old g-daughter was hanging right with her. Can't wait to purchase the items !!!!


love doc canit wait for the toys wanted to give them to my 4 yr for her bday but its just before they come out.


Absoluetly love Doc! My four year old loves the show and actually learns alot. We drive in the car singing time for your check up all the time. My daughter just had her birthday on April 19th and I was looking for a Doc McStuffins doll. Thanks do much for releasing info about this. I'll let her know Santa will bring her one :)

Cynthia Woods

My three year old is completed engrossed by Doc McStuffins when it airs. It has been a great teaching tool that has a positive impact on her behavior. Thank you Nick Jr. for entertaining my three year old while I complete my household task.


My little girl just found out about this show, and loves the heck out of it.

Thank you for sharing!

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