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March 16, 2012


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my grandkids just love doc mcstuffin show and the toy just hard to find the stuff toy to buy

Zoraima Facuseh

My daughter will be turning 5 soon and loves this series!!!
Everything is just about Dr. McStuffins!!! I've been looking for the doctor set....if anyone knows where I can find it in store I'd greatly appreciate it! ^_^

Claire McIntire

Love doc!


When will the medical table be released?


Hello - can you please tell me where I can get the Doctors office playset( Medical facility). I can't find it ANYWHERE and my 3 year old daughter would absolutely love it!

Thanks so much!!!


please let me know when squeakers from doc mcstuuins will be out.I have looked on line and havecalled disney stores and no one has seen any or been on sale on any web sites.

Shelli Lindsey

My 3 year old daughter would love some of these toys. Doc is one of the few things that she will sit still for.

rachel greenall

got to have the doctors office eakkk for my little girl of course ;). this is a fantastic show one of disneys best forthe age group makes the doctors and hospital so much easier and also a brilliant roll play to watch :)

gyselle flores

Omg my daughter isabella is obsessed with doc mc stuffins we cant go anywhere without her and all her friends lol


Where can I find this life size doctors office playset shown on the website? No stores or websites seem to know anything about it.


My daughter loves doc mcsuffins!

chantel gibbs

my twin girls love doc mcstuffins they watch it every day several times they are turning 8 in june and i have been on the computer for hrs and hrs trying to find out where i can buy doc mcstuffins toys and stuff animals as thats all they want for there birthday and im not having much luck!! can anyone please help me thanks.


Does anyone know when the doctors office play set wil be in stores my daughters birthday is coming up and doc mcstuffins is all she ask for

Melissa Spinazzola

My Little girl ADORES Doc and all her friends. Sadly being from Australia it's hard to buy her the toys as they have nothing here of Doc McStuffins. it's her 3rd birthday on the 30th of July and i would LOVE to buy her a heap of toys. Where do i go to buy them?? That wont cost tripple the price like ebay. And will post to Australia?? :)


A doctor's office playset . . .i miss it please

Elsie E. Howard

I took my 3yr old granddaughter to see doc mc stuffins in New Orleans at Audbon Zoo, she had her new doc mobile. We had do much fun

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