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January 29, 2010


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My husband is the only one I know that has ever figured out the cube! Glad to know they are now using them to help out children. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!


I hated the cube......I could never get it right!!! LOL I can't believe that it is 30, seems crazy. Stopping by from SITS Happy Saturday Sharefest!!

Melissa B.

I've never been able to solve that darn Cube. Ever! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

The Saturday Sphinx


I could never solve the R.C. Was that 30 years ago!!! Holy moly!


I KNOW - 30 years! I remember playing with it as a kid and realize now that I'm at the age where anniversaries like this will be celebrated more and more - not just historic anniversaries from way before my time - but actually during my time!
Still need to find where I hid the Rubik's Cube I picked up a year ago . . .


You wanna know what my solution to the cube was? I would take the stickers off and put them all on one side, then go show my mom that
"I done it"! LOL
Dropping by from SITS, have a wonderful weekend


Wow 1974 - dad and I were married in 1974. Yikes. Our old r-cube is probably in a toy box somewhere

A Mom Amok

I JUST gave my son, who's 5, a Rubik Cube today and let me tell you, after making three twists, we were all totally confounded. Got out the "solution guide" which I was jazzed to see included but which does not, as it turns out, offer anything except for maybe a whopping migraine. Kid is now working on his perseverance upstairs, though we've already had several screaming fits about how his "stupid toy is ruined forever." Not the good times I recalled with the Cube. Though I did cheat by peel the stickers off.

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