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August 22, 2011


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Ashley @ Mama of All Trades

I'm pretty sure I almost woke up the kids because I am laughing so hard. These photos are fantastic!!

Carolyn (temysmom)

I am loving the saga of Harrison Ford - you ladies are cracking me up. Wish I had my own HF to cart around.


The best was watching the looks we got carrying him in/out of the car for photos or into/out of hotels! Fun stuff.

Selfish Mom

This may be my most favorite post on any blog about anything ever.

At the moment #FlatHarrison is still surveying the living room from the couch, but my husband has given me a week to get him outta there, so I have big plans for him. As soon as the package gets here...


This is maybe my favorite post ever. HILARIOUS.


Great post! Flatharrison is a hoot!


Flat Harrison was the life of the party:-)

Annie Patzer

This is hilarious...seriously cracking me up! SO glad Harrison made it to Biggby AND the birthday party:)

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