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March 16, 2012


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Corteney Wooten

We "heart" Doc McStuffin's, just finished watching the preview with my 4 yr old little boy. He said he thinks she is so pretty like his mommy, awe. We have the series set on the dvr. Already Doc McStuffin's #1 fan!!!


Just finished watching the preview of Doc Mcstuffins with my 3 yr old, she loves it...She has been pretending to be a doctor for the past year so this show is great.

Kimberly R.

My niece cant wait for the show to start.


My 3 year old has been watching the one full episode of Doc Mcstuffins on Disney junior.com over and over again for about 3 days..I think we both know every word already lol. She loves it! She is already helping her "sick" toys and i I just had to put her hair in braids like doc bc she wanted to look like her.. We are so excited and can not wait for the show to start on the 23rd.

Denna Watson

My little daughter loves the show. I am happy to see an African American little girl pretending to be a doctor. This is a great role model for my little daughter. Now she pretends to be a doctor for her babies. Great show! She and I can not wait for more shows. She even watch the one free show on our iPad. Way to go Disney!

Luci Vondauber

I watched doc Mcstuffin with my twins the other day, and was amazed at the caring and compassion it teaches. my girls loved this show and so did I

Alison Folland


Just googled up Doc McStuffins after just catching it for the first time on the Disney Channel. My four year old daughter and myself just knew this was the show for her. It was a great bonding experience for the two of us. I watched as well because it inspired me to see such a positive show. Thanks so much! Alison

Amy Fields

Wow! What a great show! My 3 yr old daughter loves it!

Jeannie Hale

Just watched the preview, my three year old loves it too!!! It's on the DVR!!! Thanks Disney Junior!

Katie Riley

My 4 year old daughter is watching Doc McStuffin's for the 3rd time on-demand; I'd say it's a hit!!


I'm super excited about the launch of this cartoon...yes I said "I'm" excited. I have 4 girls and my house is all about girl power. Way to go Doc McStuffins :) and Disney.


My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves to pretend to listen to her stuffed toys and mommy and daddy with her stethoscope. We set the DVR to record Doc McStuffins yesterday and she hasn't stopped asking to watch it since! I have a feeling it's going to be the new favorite in our home!!!!


We watched the preview on iTunes! It's definitely going to be a winner!


We love Doc McStuffins! My two daughters, 3 and 5, can't wait to see more episodes!


My kids loved the preview we are so excited for the series to start.

jen g

LOVED Doc McStuffins. My 4 year old is going to be our "doctor" someday so this show is right up her ally!!

Jim G

My 2.5 year old daughter has watched the preview about a dozen times. Watched it twice in a row before bed tonight! Good, positive role model of a nice girl who helps her friends.


We've been watching our recorded preview of Doc McStuffin on repeat! It's already our baby's favorite new show and we can't wait to catch all the episodes!

Brandy Allen

I am ssssoooo excited to have my daughter watch this show!!!! She has already started watching the free preview episode on iTunes!!! Love it!!


My 3 year old daughter insists on watching the premiere Doc McStuffins episode over and over again now. She loves it, and watches the episode each time pointing out all the little details. I wish the TV networks had more kids shows similar to Doc McStuffins, meaning showing girls in a role model character that girls can look up to.

Lee Ann Watkins

My three year old is so excited about this show! What a great idea - I can see this being very beneficial for them to play in the doctor's office.

Tanya Rinehart

Grand-daughter(age 2) loves playing doctor. We just love Doc McStuffin. I told her I would look for a video, as I started to look, my grand-daughters comment was, " I will hold my horses while you look." I laughed so hard, she really loved the preview and wanted more.
It will be GREAT when all the merchandise comes out !!
Simply, Grandma and Aleigha

Toni Jefferson

Yay!!! I just saw the commercial for the upcoming Doc McStuffins series. My 5 yr old daughter wants to be a pediatrician when she grows up, and I take every opportunity to nurture her dream. I can't wait for her to see this show.

Rosaline Keys

This is just the cutest little show. I can't wait for my little granddaugther to see it. I know it will be a favorite!

Katie Kadamus

Wish these toys would come out sooner. My daughter will go crazy for them!

Sara Samuels

My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves Doc McStuffins! She is very excited for the premiere on Friday - we are even having a Doc McStuffins "party" to celebrate the premiere:)


We love Doc McStuffins! We've seen the first episode over and over and over already. I can't wait until Friday for a fresh one. I hope Direct TV decides to carry the Disney Jr. channel soon or we may have to switch cable companies!

Patricia Drummond

My 5 year old daughter, 3 year old son and I just love Doc McStuffins. Can't wait until the toy line comes out!

Blythe McElvany

My five year old daughter has been asking over and over when is doc mcstuffins coming on??!! So glad it starts on Friday! I have it on the dvr schedule ready to go!!!!

Cory Atkinson

My Daughter is 4. Her Name is Jolie. Everyday since she has seen the commercial a month ago she has asked to watch the show. She is so excited to see it. She has also told her friends about it so they can watch it too. :0)


Im so glad to see an African American cartoon role model for young children! I can't wait for these toys to come out!

Michael D

My daughter and I read about this in disneys family fun. Were looking forward to seeing what the show is about.


My daughter is excited for this show!


My 4 yr old loves disney junior and is so super excited to watch this show. It's like it was made just for her because she is always pretending her stuffed animals are sick and she has to make them better! Friday can't come soon enough! :)


my 5 year old like doc mcstuffins watch he show


My daughter loves disney junior and can't wait to see Doc McStuffins. She is constantly pretending to fix her animals when they are hurt or sick. Friday can't come soon enough!!


My daughter cannot wait to see the series premiere. She dreams of becoming an animal doctor and often plays doctor with her stuffed animals. It seems like a show tailor made for us.

Kristi Spies

Glad to hear a show with caring and compassion is coming out!


The Doc McStuffins giveaway winner left comment #26: Sara Samuels! Congratulations!!

Kelly Mundwiler

Love Doc McStuffins! I have two little girls that have serious medical problems & are in & out of drs. offices on a regular basis. They both watch show over & over....how can I say no to that. I was finding myself laughing with them. Can't wait for new episodes next week!


Ugh! I totally missed the comment deadline but these are the cutest doc-supplies I've ever seen!:-)

We are anxiously awaiting the show's start!

My little brown "doctor to be" dresses in a lab coat & has pigtails just like the animation!

I do believe she's found a new Disney fav!:-)



Love the show and so does my 3yo daughter. It is terrific and adorable! Cannot wait for Dr Kit to come out!! She is begging for it! Thank you!

Karen Mowad

I must find these toys. My 4 year old daughter is obsessed with the show. Thank you Disney!

Kaleen Eaton

We have 2 year old twin girls that we are getting to adopted and they would love to have a set, each. Our four year old son wathces with them every day.............Great show

Robin Klinger

My 3 year old Granddaughter just loves Doc Mcstuffin. She was in the emergency room this week & now we play Doc Mcstuffin. She is so excited about the toys that are coming out soon. Wonderful show! Thanks

Michelle Rawlinson

My soon to be 5 year old wants to be a doctor when she grows up and was so excited to see a show about a doctor. We record it daily so that she can watch in the weekends. She loves it! Next week is her birthday and she is having a doctor themed birthday party. It is a wonderful show!

Lynn Chaffin

My daughter was walking around singing this cute little song one day, "I feel better! So much better! Oh Yeah!" I asked her where did you hear that? She said, "Its gonna be my new Jayden show, (as this is what she calls all her shows). We watched for the time that Doc. McStuffin was to be aired on Disney Junior and recorded it on our DVR. She was so right, it is her new favorite Jayden show. We watch Doc. McStuffin ALL THE TIME and we love it EVERYTIME! We also play the online games and we play Doc. McStuffin with Jayden's stuffed animals. She loves pretending to be the Doctor and fix them right up. I can see her becoming a doctor some day. But for now Im going to enjoy her at 4yrs old and our play time together. Thank you! Disney Junior.

Jill Sullins

WE LOVE Doc McStuffins around here! My 7yr old is nearly as obsessed as my 3 1/2 yr old is!

Can't wait for the toys to arrive too!


We love Doc Mcstuffins here. I actually found your blog googling the toys!

Steveny Henderson

My kids LOVE Doc McStuffins!! We HAVE to get a DVD for them!! Help!!! I've looked everywhere and they won't quit asking for one! :)

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