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June 04, 2012


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Sara Samuels

Thank you so much for passing on the info! My daughter will be so excited they are finally *almost* available!! :)


I just heard about this myself! This is exciting . I wonder when they come on Amazon and other stores! The Doc McStuffin toys do look good


Where will they be sold!? I'm so excited! My daughter just loves the show so much!!!


The links you provided don't take you to the toys on Toys R Us. Are they no longer selling them or taking pre-orders?


The toys are up on Toys R Us but it says the Pre-orders are sold out! Any idea when the toys will be in stores?

Jeanie Frederick

What about the Doc McStuffin doctors coat? My granddaughter would love one of those.


I would love to buy my daughter the outside play house and was hoping that there was talk about making it... Have you heard anything?


Can you sell them to Canada's toys r us. We can't order from the USA Site. I have a soon to be 3 yr old. Loves the show.


When I heard they were coming out in June, I literally looked at the Toys R Us website several times a day starting June 1st so I could make sure I got them :) Luckily I preordered most of the 12 toys (didnt order the ones with small pieces because my daughter is still a lil too young for those tiny parts) I'm still checking every morning to see if they add anymore to the collection because for a few days they only had about 4 toys then they went up to 12. My advice is to just keep routinely checking the ToysRUs website for more toys to be added or the other ones to be available. You can also sign up for email alerts on the website for when new toys come out from Toys R US. Be careful buying from Ebay or Amazon because they will charge your double the reatil because they are hott toys that are selling out quick! Good luck!

Dolly Nelson

PRE- Ordered all mcstuffin toys from toys R us,but they didn't have the lunch kit.
My granddaughters would really like that, where can I purchase the lunch kit.

Dave Schott

I'm really surprised that Disney's own website doesn't have these up for preorder due to the popularity of the show. All my 4 year old daughter wants to do is watch Doc McStuffins.

Lynn Pearson

My Granddaughter is 2 and has spent many days in the hospital, and the doctors offices. She has already had 2 heart surgeries and was terrified of doctors. Doc McStuffins has really helped her. She used to be terrified of a play doctor kit, and now plays with it EVERY day. She is better at the doctor, but she's still terrified at times. Thanks Doc Mcstuffins.

Patrica Lavelle

I would love for you to keep me posted on when the toys become available again. My 1 year old daughter is infatuated with the show, and I would love to get her some of the stuffed figures.


There are 3 new Doc Mcstuffins toys on ToysRus.com that are still available! They are dolls, a doc doll, swim doll, and rockstar doll! 9.99 each


Thank you so much! My 8 month old loves this show she can careless about all the other cartoons but as soon as i push play on my dvr she cant stop smiling and clapping and sing (well screaming) along when they sing its so cute!


Per order where scheduled to ship Tuesday, June 26. I got an email Tuesday morning stating there was an unexpected delay and they don't know when my items will ship!!


Has anyone been able to find the toys recently? They are not even showing the plush toys on the website any more. It seems like the stores aren't getting them either. This is a problem! I searched constantly for these online and didn't see them go on for pre-sell and now we can't find them anywhere in Texas! I have two kids a 3yr old boy who really wants a stuffy and an 18mo old girl who is asking for a lambie! Anyone have luck getting these?


Preorders from toys r us are not Garenteed! Very upset with toys r us. Bought the preorders and they sent me a message saying they were back ordered when I ordered them the first day it was available for preorder and then I got another email today saying they canceled my order for the toys that came out June 26. I called and was very upset they said they sold to many preorders. They were to be my daughters birthday presents and now have to go another route. Wish they would have just put them in the store for first come first serve in this case. Wish they were available at Walmart or target. TOYSRUS is always bad with their orders.


I too did the pre-order thing and I got an email saying it will ship next week. Then... I got an email saying they canceled my order!! Toys 'R Us didn't use good business sense... You only sell what you actually have in stock!!! I wanted the doctor bag to keep my daughter occupied on an eight hour road trip... ugggghhh!!


I pre-ordered on June 4, Also received an email stating back order, but then received an email that doc, lambie, and stuffy has shipped:))) Chilly is still unkown...and they cancelled the Dr.'s kit bc they ran out...not too happy with TRU, they should leave the backorders alone and when they get them back in stock allow those to go to the people who ordered them the first time!!!


The two Toys R Us stores by me got shipments in on Friday, they said the Doc Mcstuffins toys were sold out in less then an hour!! Both stores said they are not sure when the next shipment is coming.


you should have already meant with disney whats status on doc mcmuffin stuff!!!!


I was lucky to get mine at their store last Tuesday. One of the sales lady said they don't have them yet, but I looked around anyway. They have at least 5 of each items!


Jett, where in the store did you find them? I found several places where I thought they could be, but would be helpful to know!


My daughter is so excited we've been waiting for these toys to be released. Are they still available to purchase? Thank you!


If anyone lives near Palm Beach Gardens PGA toys r us in Florida they just got a shipment today. I got my daughter her Doc Mcstuffins doctor kit. Hooray!


There are many of these items for sale on Ebay. I called ToysRUs when my pre-orders were cancelled and they told me only 4 states had them in the stores and there was only 1 store in my state that had the doctor kit and I drove all the way there to get it. If you are familiar with Ebay I would try there because getting them in stores is going to be tricky. Some are HIGHLY overpriced, but others are only 10-15 more which isn't fair, but may be save you the headache of driving to every ToysRus you can find looking for them. Call around to ToysRUs first they will hold toys at guest services for 24 hours for you.


Its all sold out in Boca Raton, FL , how can I get on a waiting list.


I went to toys r us and ask them if they carry doc mcstuffin where the medical set but they said they dont carry it...and I was so frustrated cuz my 4 yrs old been asking me to get it for her..just wondering if theyre gonna hav it?

Kassidee's MOM

Found doc mcstuffins time for your check up doll (39.99)along with the 3 mini figures(9.99) at my local target!! Lucky ME


Target has the toys which I did not know because they are not on the website. You just have to go to the store and look


Kassidee's mom where in the country are you located that you were actually lucky enough to find teh 39.99 doll? I tried stores in Maryland,Florida, PA, and here in Jersey no luck..... I called Target they absolutely had no clue

Shauna Maughan

Just bought my Doctor's Bag Play set on the Disney Store web site for $16.50!! Yeah!! Just in time for her birthday.


Thanks Shauna for the info, I just got one as well for my granddaughter, her birthday is month and I had loked all over!!


Just bought the doctor's kit on the Disney Store website. Woo-hoo!!


Hi, am so hoping someone can help me or steer me in the right direction? I have been emailing everyone I can think of with no response :(
I'm in Australia and have no idea when these toys will come here or who to contact to get an answer. Does anyone know any US sites that will stock them that ship internationally. The smart people of eBay have already figured out our problem and are selling toys that retail for $9.99 for upwards of $40 plus postage which to here can be as high as $60
Most family's like myself can't afford these prices.
If you know who I should contact pls tell me :)


Does anyone know when the Disney retail stores (or other stores) will carry any Doc McStuffins clothing? I found that the Disney online site will let you customize a t-shirt with Doc, but I'd rather see the t-shirts etc in person. And I found a few sites where people are selling t-shirts with appliques or screen printing, but not quite what I wanted. Thanks!


y isn't Hallie the hippo & chilly the snowman available


I am excited there are some toys available, I am surprised that we don't see Doc McStuffins all over the place. My daughter and my son love watching the show. There are all kinds of products that could be developed and sold. Come On Disney, we are trying to spend some money here!


From wear do we buy the doc mcstuffins toys in Canada


I'm looking for the Doc Stitch Kingdom

Kim Jones

Will the Doc Mcstuffins bag be available in time for Christmas?I have tried to find it everywhere but have had no luck.

Johnnie Rideout

Will local retail stores such as Toys -r-us, walmarts and targets get any more shipments for the Doc Mcstuffin doctor bags before christmas 2012. I have looked everywhere in Northwest Indiana and cannot find one anywhere. Also since this is a Disney character why are they not sold in the disney stores? Please help me locate the Purple doctor bag! please

Doc's biggest fan

Johnnie the doctor bag sets are available at Toys R Us stores right now. I was shocked when I saw them. They had the bigger talking Lambie and the mini beanie lambie.

I am hoping they come out with more Doc McStuffins products like a play tent, playhouse that looks similar to Doc's, more stuffed characters, etc. Hopefully they bring large quantities out because this character is definitely popular and it's too bad I already missed out on the stuff that came out earlier this year.

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